Aalborg Zoo

Animals from around the world under the green beech trees

Aalborg Zoo Aalborg Zoo is situated in one of Denmark’s most beautiful areas, on the edge of a green beech forest high above Aalborg. With its forward-thinking and developmental way of running the zoo - and its idealism -- Aalborg Zoo is one of the country’s most-visited tourist attractions with approx. 375,000 visitors each year. Aalborg Zoo ranges across almost 8.5 hectares and is home to nearly 1,600 exciting animals from 140 different species. Aalborg Zoo also features grassy lawns, flower gardens, springs, tall trees and best of all - peace and quiet in the midst of Aalborg’s hustle and bustle.

African elephants and happy chimps

Aalborg Zoo Aalborg Zoo offers modern facilities for the vast majority of its inhabitants. Watch through huge windows as polar bears, sea lions, seals and penguins play in the water, or pet a giraffe on the Zoo’s savannah platform. The Zoo is also home to a small band of African elephants, who love living in their very own modern home. Monkeys and chimpanzees also flourish and the chimps are one of the zoo’s most popular attractions.

Aalborg Zoo takes its role as a modern zoo with responsibility for nature preservation very seriously; directly through its international breeding cooperation and indirectly through presenting knowledge about endangered animals. The Zoo participates in several international campaigns, including the preservation of the Siberian tiger. Ideals are high on the home front, too - Aalborg is the first zoo in the world to receive the ISO 14001 environmental certificate for ensuring that environmental pollution from the Zoo is kept to an absolute minimum.

Children don’t go missing in Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo Aalborg Zoo is also pleased to offer another international first - a new system known as BlueTag that helps parents keep an eye on their children and find them quickly if they get lost. Children wear a small tag so parents can quickly find their child’s position on the Zoo’s Info stands or receive a mobile phone SMS message on the child’s whereabouts.