Candy madness

BonBon-Land BonBon Land is the world’s largest candy land and has become Denmark’s fifth most popular tourist destination in record time. People must have thought the folks responsible for BonBon Land were crazy when they built something as odd as an amusement park based on the resident candy factory and its “interestingly” named and popular candy products: Hundeprutter, Mågeklatter, Andemad, Lossepladsen etc. But the idea took off, and children of all ages have become extremely fond of the entire BonBon universe. The connection with the popular candy products has proved almost magical: The amusement park began in 1992 as a small exhibition space with a replica candy factory, a cinema, a shop and a couple of boats - and approx. 172,000 people visited during the first year!

Meet Henry Hundeprut and Åge Mågeklat

BonBon-Land At BonBon Land you can ride the rollercoaster with Henry Hundeprut, bump into Åge Mågeklat, test the Flying Crazy Tortoise or take a ride on Denmark’s largest rafting course featuring more than 5 million litres of water. On Pirate’s Island you can hop across crocodile skulls, or try your hand at making candy in the popular candy factory. The huge rollercoaster, the Vild-Svinet, has been voted Denmark’s wildest and most exciting rollercoaster. Try it if you dare - it begins with a 22 meter free fall then takes off at 70 km an hour into a 17 meter high loop!

BonBon-Land In addition to its 70 amusements, BonBon Land offers circus performances, children’s theatre, sea lion shows, cowboy days, Halloween days with ghosts and treasure hunts and much, much more. All activities are included in the price of admission.