Copenhagen Zoo

The Zoo is open all year round

Copenhagen Zoo The Copenhagen Zoo is a modern and lively zoo situated in beautiful surroundings for both people and animals. The Zoo offers numerous activities and experiences including the Tropical Zoo complete with crocodile swamp and rain forest environment, where tropical birds and butterflies fly free. And the Children’s Zoo, featuring Bunnyland, is a fantastic play area for children. Even cold, grey winters can be fun at the Zoo, with lots of indoor activities and sights including the Tropical Zoo and other exciting indoor environments.

A quickly expanding modern zoo

Copenhagen ZooThe Copenhagen Zoo is one of Denmark’s biggest tourist attractions with approx. 1.3 million visitors each year coming to see the 3,500 animals spanning 250 different species. The animal population and new facilities place the zoo among the best in Europe, while the zoo is also one of Europe’s oldest zoos, founded in 1859 in romantic Frederiksberg Gardens. The Gardens played an important role during the design of the new elephant environment by British architect Norman Foster, which opened the border between park and zoo. Visitors get to see the elephants against the backdrop of Frederiksberg Gardens, while visitors to the park can follow the elephants’ lives in both the old and new elephant environments.

IT makes inroads at the Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo Naturally, IT technology has also made its mark on the Zoo. Borrow a zoo mobile telephone at the entrance, pull up the menu and use it as your guide: Search for animal facts, select a theme tour, see the day’s events, get an SMS message 10 minutes before animal feedings. You can also borrow a handheld ZooPC with a map of the zoo area; kept updated by satellite, it makes it easier for you to find your way around.