Djurs Sommerland

Fun for the whole family

Djurs SommerlandDjurs Sommerland is the ideal amusement park for your family. You pay a single admittance fee for free access to over 60 exciting activities and amusements, including Djurs Sommerland’s fantastic “theme areas”. Take a jungle safari in Africaland, where you’ll meet wild animals and visit the head-hunter village and other fun-filled challenges. Visit Tarzanland or Indianland, where you can climb, slide, and keep your balance. Chinaland, Mexicoland, Lilliputland - the imagination knows no bounds in Djurs Sommerland!

Djurs Sommerland For a thrill you’ll feel all the way down to your stomach, try a breathtaking rollercoaster ride on Thor’s Hammer at 60 km an hour, or hop on board a dugout canoe for an adventurous sail down the Colorado River. For more watery thrills, try Speedy Gonzales, a fast-paced rollercoaster ride in large rubber rafts. Or how about a white-water rafting trip on the Rio Grande?

Wet and wild fun in Denmark’s largest water park

Swimsuits are a must when you visit Djurs Sommerland! Djurs Sommerland Here you’ll find Denmark’s largest outdoor water park with heated water for swimming fun even on cold, grey days. Dive into the waves, swim with the stream or venture into the gigantic Hawaii water park that must be experienced to be believed! The water park is 3 stories tall and filled with water rollercoasters, 13 water cannons, platforms, bridges and a huge coconut barrel that drenches you with 4000 litres of water every 5 minutes. It’s water madness!

Djurs Sommerland offers numerous opportunities for relaxation between activities - as well as plentiful choices when it comes to food and drink. There are plenty of cafés and restaurants but you are also welcome to bring your own food to enjoy at the complimentary tables and benches. You can even roast a hotdog over our large barbecue. A fun day for the family is in the bag at Djurs Sommerland!