Experimentarium - a wonderland for the curious

Copenhagen’s Best Place to Take Children

Experimentarium The Experimentarium won this coveted title in 2003 when the large Internet portal “Alt om København” (aok.dk) held a vote among its readers. No less than 55 % of the votes went to the Experimentarium. And if you’ve ever visited the place, you’ll know why: it’s a veritable wonderland for curious children - of all ages!

Experimentarium The Experimentarium is Denmark’s largest "science centre" -- an activity and cultural centre for nature and technology. Science centres originated in the USA but can now be found throughout the world. Wherever they are, science centres have achieved incredible popularity due to the fact that they have developed an entirely new and exciting method of museum education based on active participation, experimentation and discovery.

Freeze your shadow

Experimentarium Yes, but just how do you do it? At the Experimentarium, visitors play their way to learn answers and gain wisdom on such questions as “Are there green rabbits?” and “Can you lift yourself?” You can also try an earthquake simulator or a whisper-satellite - or musical hopscotch! You will find more than 300 interactive exhibits at the Experimentarium, which introduce you to the mysteries of nature and the unquenchable curiosity and creativity of humankind - all the way from the mists of antiquity right up to the newest super-technology!

Dance to create light and sound in the "Poppy Forest"

There’s also something for very small children in the Kids’ Pavilion, a fantastic, brightly coloured child-sized place with activities for children between 3 - 6 years of age. Curiosity about the world and the desire to find answers begin early. The Experimentarium is constantly developing new ideas and special exhibitions like Cirkus Fysikus, where you become a circus artist in a world filled with exciting physical phenomena.