Han Herred Nature Centre

Exciting activities for all ages

At Han Herred Nature Centre in Fjerritslev, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for enjoying nature in this beautiful area located between the Lim Fjord and the North Sea. See the fascinating display about the lovely regional birds and large and small animals in their natural habitat. Han Herred is home to a wealth of natural surroundings, from the gentle Lim Fjord with its salt marshes to the rough North Sea coast with its cliffs, unique landscape and hidden inhabitants.

Han Herred Nature Centre Small children can pretend to be field Magic Forest, the Nature Centre’s playground. Here, everything is huge to the little field mouse. And when it’s time for a break, take a restful pause in the cosy, child-friendly café.

Han Herred Nature Centre The nature workshop has a number of activities on offer: see nature through a microscope, pet the animals, polish the stones you’ve collected on the beach, or make a bird nesting box. There are new activities at the nature workshop throughout the opening season.

The Nature Centre: The gateway to Han Herred’s nature

Nature must be experienced in the great outdoors, but inspiration, knowledge and good advice can help get you off to a good start! The Nature Centre offers recommendations for good areas to visit in Han Herred, whether you’re interested in landscape, geology, birds and plants, fields, salt marshes or streams. The Centre is also affiliated with three smaller installations situated in the country around Han Herred: The newly restored lime kiln at Klim Bjerg, the old heather mill near Grønnestrand and the coastline display near Torup Beach. These installations provide information about the entirely unique nature and culture of the area, and also serve as a starting point for guided tours focusing on butterflies, birds, stone and shell collecting and much more.