Kattegat Centre

Denmark’s shark centre

Kattegat Centre The Kattegat Centre in Grenaa is one of Denmark’s most exciting and dynamic attractions and offers a wide range of activities and experiences. Take a ride on the moving sidewalk through the shark tunnel under 500,000 litres of warm, tropical water and feel the thrill when a nearly 3 meter long sand tiger shark swims above your head - just half a metre away! The Centre’s collection of tropical sharks and rays includes nurse sharks, thresher sharks, wobbegongs, reef sharks, lemon sharks and the elegant sting ray. The shark tank and tropical aquariums are home to a vast number of fascinating, colourful fish.

Kattegat Centre The Centre also features aquariums filled with animals and fish from the nearby marine environment of the Kattegat: the beach, the tidal stream, the cliffs, the harbour and the open sea. You can also pet a ray or a sturgeon on the back. Out in the Lagoon, seals romp and perform happily during their daily feeding at 12:00 pm.

Experiments and fun

The experimental corner is a popular component of the environmental exhibition and offers fun ways to learn more about the sea and its environment. The environmental exhibition makes it possible to gain current scientific knowledge on the sea as a resource, dumping ground and recreational area.

The science exhibition is the place where you can both play and learn more about the sea at the same time. The sea functions according to natural laws, but how do they work? Find out by experimentation - with a guarantee of both fun and enjoyment. The numerous interactive exhibits feature information about waves, sea currents and other phenomena from the world of the sea. And from April to October there’s fun to be had outdoors - with the strong likelihood that you might get wet!