Knuthenborg Safari Park

Northern Europe’s largest safari park

Knuthenborg Safari Park You’ll find the impressive Knuthenborg Safari Park close to Maribo and just off the E47 motorway on the Knuthenborg mansion grounds. The park was originally laid out in English manor style around 1866, and a 7.5 km long stone wall with 4 distinctive entrances was built around the nearly 600 hectare park. While farm animals and deer once grazed the romantic landscape, now rhinoceroses, antelopes, giraffes, zebras, yaks, bison and elephants roam Northern Europe’s largest safari park.

Knuthenborg Safari Park Go on safari in your own car over 15 km of roads traversing the beautiful park, and get close to over 900 animals walking freely amongst the cars in the manorial landscape. The pride of the park is the Siberian tiger reserve - home to the world’s largest cat. But keep car windows closed in this area and remember that the big cats always have the right of way!

Knuthenborg: More than wild animals

You won’t need to maintain a respectful distance from all the animals in the park. In several places you can get out of your car and pet peaceful goats, llamas, camels, donkeys and ponies - and let the children have a pony ride. Knuthenborg Safari Park has a wide range of activities to suit an adventurous holiday outing. Visit the cafeteria or bring along your own picnic to enjoy in the beautiful, spacious and green surroundings. Come see the exciting bird paradise where 21 large aviaries house a multitude of gorgeously coloured exotic birds. Enjoy the vast number of rare trees and bushes, some of which were planted at the time of the original English manor-style grounds.

Knuthenborg Safari Park Knuthenborg is tailor-made for children. “Småland” is a huge map of Denmark where children can sail in hippopotamuses; drive vintage cars or mini steam trains, and much more. “Småland” offers countless opportunities for fun and enjoyment and is Denmark’s biggest and safest playground.