Odense Zoo

The African savannah - right in the heart of Odense

Odense Zoo One of Odense Zoo's main attractions is the almost 4 hectare area bordering on the Odense River, where a reproduction of an African nature reserve in Botswana has been constructed. The area consists of both savannah and marsh areas and can be experienced from both nature trails and wooden bridges. See lions, chimpanzees, zebras, ostriches, storks and other large African birds in the Okavango delta - right in the heart of Odense.

A modern zoo is of course designed to make the animals as happy and comfortable as possible, but is also intended so that the public can come up close to the animals - sometimes in unique ways. For example, Odense Zoo has a beautiful enclosure for its Siberian tigers that recalls Siberia itself with its birch and pine trees; it also has a rock tunnel the tigers can climb and the public can walk through to see the animals from a brand new angle.

Travel through South America - above water and below

Odense Zoo Odense Zoo’s Oceanium is the largest project ever undertaken in a Danish zoo. You’ll take a fantastic trip through the seemingly endless continent of South America from its humid rain forests to the sub-arctic cold way down south. Walk among tapirs, capybaras, myriad birds, apes and more inside the large aviary. The rain forest temperature and humidity rise as the birds sing and the enormous 800 kilogram sea cows splash in the river. The tour takes you below the water, first into freshwater and then through the fantastic world of the coral reef with its countless colourful fish. The tour concludes in the world’s coldest area where you’ll meet giant squid, a killer whale and a large flock of penguins.

Odense Zoo Odense River runs through the Zoo and during high season you can sail from the centre of Odense to the Zoo on the “Åfarten” - an unusual and beautiful experience that takes you from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale world to the African savannah!