Randers Regnskov

Go on an expedition to the rain forest - right in the middle of Randers

Randers Regnskov At Randers Regnskov Tropical Zoo, the emphasis is on pleasure, presentation, reproduction and research. First of all, a visit to the Tropical Zoo should be enjoyable. Discover the jungle by walking the jungle paths through rock groupings and waterfalls. The walk offers a look at over 350 different plant and 175 animal species, many of which live freely in glass enclosures that mimic their natural environments. Keep your eyes and ears open as you walk between the animals because many of them like to hide. Make sure that you take sufficient time as well. As for weather, it’s between 22 - 30 degrees here, even in the winter, with a humidity level of nearly 100%, so leave your winter clothing outside.

Randers Regnskov The visit is also a fascinating presentation of the exciting world of the rain forest, but also of the countless threats poised to destroy it. Randers Regnskov is also a zoo devoted to caring and reproducing animals both rare and endangered. The unique rain forest environment also provides special research opportunities.

Denmark’s highest waterfall

The South American enclosure brings you suddenly to the jungles of the Amazon where birds sing, colourful butterflies swish by, and the spray from the 15 metre tall waterfall makes the illusion complete. You’ll have to duck under lianas and other hanging roots when you visit the ruins of the overgrown Mayan temple. The Asian enclosure takes you on expedition in the jungles of Borneo, with numerous butterflies, and hundreds of small Asian toads are visible in the undergrowth. The African enclosure houses six baby Nile crocodiles -- ready to bite at any moment despite their youth.

Randers Regnskov Randers Regnskov is filled with wonderful trees and plants including banana trees, strangler figs, passion flower, cigar box trees, cocoa and coffee bushes, orchids and much more. And you’ll have the opportunity to get close to tropical snakes and pythons - if you want to, of course!