Tivoli Friheden

The free fall and other scary stuff at Tivoli Friheden

Tivoli Friheden The Sky Tower affords a tree-top view of the park, the forest, the city and Aarhus bay. You can choose to enjoy the view at 40 metres high, and you can also decide to take the next step into the thin air - minus safety belts, parachutes, bungee cords or anything else. You’ll fall 35 metres down as the ground rockets towards you at 100 km per hour. The drama suddenly ends as you fall softly into the safety net, but that one step will take all the courage you’ve got!

Tivoli Friheden Tivoli Friheden offers amusements and activities for children of all ages - from wild action and hair-raising thrills to the quiet and cosy! Try the 18 metre tall Pegasus that rises up and spins and twirls 3 stories high in the air. “Enjoy the view?” - well, you probably won’t have the time because Pegasus is completely wild! Or take a tour through the dilapidated Elses Hotel, a terrifying experience created by media professionals. Children under 6 are not advised to visit Elses Hotel, but luckily there are many other activities for the little ones including cosy amusements, playgrounds and bouncing castles.

An exciting trip to the forest

Tivoli Friheden Tivoli Friheden is located in a beautiful beech forest filled with colourful flowers, plants, idyllic lakes, and springs. It is also home to various free entertainments and amusements throughout the lovely old gardens. You’ll see the Aarhus Girls’ Marching Band, the performers of Circus Fantastico and enjoy entertainment at the large open air stage. Since humble beginnings 100 years ago as a forest dance pavilion Tivoli Friheden has become an international amusement park with over 300,000 visitors each year. But when darkness falls and the lamps are lit, the charm and atmosphere haven’t changed a bit.