22.800 holiday houses Italy - 132.000 in all of Europe

Tuscany - Italy at its best

Enjoy the peace and quiet, the beautiful sceneries and the idyll in the historic towns of Tuscany.

Veneto - Venice, Verona and the Adriatic...

In the region of Veneto, you can enjoy the Adriatic and visit the historic Verona or the world-famous Venice.

Italy holiday in Sicily

Sicily- inviting beaches, high mountains, small baroque towns, Palermo and much more...

Holiday houses Italy - book a holiday house and go exploring

Holiday houses Italy - this equals a holiday with sunshine; small, idyllic villages; vineyards; mountains and beautiful, sandy beaches. If you book a holiday house Italy by Cofman.com, you can choose from a huge selection of holiday houses in the whole country: Tuscany, the Adriatic coast, Northern Italy, Sicily, Sardinia and many other holiday regions.

Book a holiday Italy and go exploring. Enjoy a glass of cool white wine on the terrace or the delicious Italian cuisine in a ristorante, visit historic sights - experience Italy at its best.

Since the beginning of 2000, Cofman.com has been the leading holiday house portal in Denmark. More than 300,000 visitors have found their holiday house among our large selection. Cofman.com now offers holiday houses in all of Europe, e.g. holiday houses in Italy.

Our philosophy is that the booking of your holiday house in Italy should be just as easy and relaxing as the holiday itself.

Enjoy your holiday!

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Last minute offers in Italy

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The most popular vacation homes in Italy

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Nice holiday apartments in Italy

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Holiday homes in Arezzo / Italy House no. 492115
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Holiday homes in Emilia-Romagna / Italy House no. 1347150
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